Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden Flower Seeds and Junk Mail – What Do They Have in Common?

Did you know you can use your junk mail for your garden flower seeds? Yes, you can. Use your junk mail to start your garden flower seeds and help save the world! Or at least the landfills. Using your junk mail to start your garden flower seeds will also save on the amount of garbage you have. Less to haul out to the curb!

Here’s how:

Everyone gets junk mail and most of the time it goes right into the garbage can and out the door. Which is where is should go but using it to start your garden flower seeds puts it to good use while saving the landfills and makes wonderful fertilizer.

Many people think papers will biodegrade right away but it usually takes a couple of months to break down. Of course, using paper by itself will tear and fall apart but it won’t biodegrade for a while. Notice the papers on the street. It’s the perfect solutions for junk mail and your garden flower seeds.

Most manufactures of ink use a combination of vegetable oils to make their ink for printers. So the ink in the paper won’t hurt your garden or your plants. It also makes great mulch and helps hold water so you water less, thus saving on your water bill, too.

Most people get junk mail that consists of letters, envelopes, flyers and newspapers. Put them to good use. The only part you shouldn’t use is those little plastic windows in the envelopes but that’s a minor detail. You can always throw out the plastic and use the rest with your garden flower seeds starter soil.

And the best part – worms love junk mail and will help biodegrade it while leaving their mark on your garden flower seeds in the way of fertilizer.

Take the junk mail and tear it in strips or put it through a shredder and mix it in with the soil you use to start your garden flower seeds. Also you can mix it with your grass clippings for mulch or just use it as mulch. It will hold water and keep the soil moist while your garden flower seeds are starting to grow.

So, using your junk mail for your garden flower seeds gets rid of your junk mail, saves the landfill, saves water, put natural fertilizer into your garden and you help save the world. You can tell everyone you’re doing your part to by going Green. How cool is that!

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